About Drug Rehabs

learning about rehabilitation There are many kinds of drug rehab programs in the southeast available today, about 15,000 throughout the country in all. Some programs have been around for many decades and some are newer. There are rehab facilities that are steeped in tradition and those that are all about the latest treatments.

None of that matters to us. What matters most is whether or not the rehab works for the individual who is intending to get better. In other words, despite something you may have been told or experienced in the past, there are other methods available today that may be outside of the previously traditional treatment therapies that focus on permanent recovery rather than a lifetime of living in fear of relapse.

Our goal is not to just find the closest center to you. In fact, in some cases it may be necessary for the individual to be removed from the immediate environment to be able to focus on their rehabilitation. Our goal is to help find the right rehab program to address your specific needs with the emphasis being on success and results.

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For example, despite your dime-a-dozen garden-variety 30-day programs offering the 12 steps as the way to go, there are other facilities that may incorporate some similarities but yet have additional treatments to correspond with it. We do not condone treatment centers that put addicts on life-long replacement drugs because it has yet to be proven successful in any long-term follow-up study and leaves the person with new side effects to deal with. We do recommend longer-term programs that do not use prescriptions but instead combine cognitive therapy along with a healthier physical lifestyle through better diet, regular exercise and nutritional supplements.

The National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services has shown that out of approximately 13,500 reporting facilities, there are more than 1.1 million people enrolled in some type of drug rehab program in the United States on any given day. Unfortunately most of these were outpatient services only and a limited number were long term residential treatment clients.

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