About Detoxification

learning about detoxificationDetoxification is the term for getting off the immediate effects of alcohol or other drugs. A complete detox program is more than simply withdrawing and in many cases actually needs a much more thorough cleansing process.

Since some sort of detox is the first step for someone beginning a life without drugs, all treatment centers in the south will either provide a type detox themselves or work with a speciatly detox facility that can provide the appropriate level of care.

There are three main levels of detoxification and many different types of detox procedures overall that can be taylored to a person. We can help you find a suitable treatment and detox center.

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Most drugs and lighter amounts of alcohol can actually be withdrawn from in a social detox setting. This is where someone is either stepping down or completely stopping at once without any replacement drugs. The majority of people can do a social detox setting where no replacement drugs are required, but sometimes there are certain drugs or heavy amounts of drugs that do require a more medically-supervised setting. A medical detox is where short-term replacement drugs may be given to stabilize the individual and reduce or avoid severe withdrawal symptoms.

The last type of detox is more of a long-term, holistic route. There are many avenues for extended body detoxification, or cleanses. Health practictioners and detox specialists have used special diets, supplements, juices and other routines to help reduce the amount of toxins in individuals. One of the simplest ways is to have a healthier diet with as few processed foods as possible and drink plenty of water.

Detoxification is only the first step to a successful rehabilitation program in the Southeast. Detox centers provide a stable way to get off drugs or alcohol initially but in most cases the person must then go to a longer-term inpatient treatment program. Contact us now for help finding a detox center in the Southeast.